Who are the three billionaires, and what are they up to?

a) Richard Branson – Space Vehicle – Virgin Galactic

b) Jeff Bezos – Space Vehicle – Blue Origin

c) Elon Musk – Space Vehicle – Space X


AGO Mutambara Reflections


On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, with Jeff Bezos’s blast to the edge of space, the trio’s space odyssey was dramatically ignited.

Why? What is the rationale of it all?

a) To foster private sector-driven space exploration and activities as opposed to traditional state efforts such as those of NASA, European Space Agency, and space agencies of China, Russia, and India.

b) To appreciate the need to save the only habitable planet – the earth.

c) To internalise how small and insignificant the earth is with respect to the entire universe.

d) Human existence must become a multi-planetary and multi-solar system based.

The Vision and its Implications

a) Space tourism, moon landings by ordinary folks, launching more satellites into space, take people to space stations, landing people on Mars, extracting resources from space e.g., asteroid mining, satellite-based internet (a disruptive rival technology to both 5G and Fibre), exporting pollutants to space, carrying out manufacturing in space, and of course, eventual human space habitation.

b) Yes, there are many problems to be solved on earth. However, a case can be made for both addressing our earthly challenges and space exploration.

Insights, discoveries and commercial activities in space can complement the efforts to address the agenda of planet earth.

c) As Africans, we must not be unimaginative laggards, disinterested observers or noisy bystanders.

The African private sector, public sector and academia must embrace the space agenda its articulated ambitions.

The envisaged various space commercial enterprises are separately valued as trillion-dollar industries, which will, of course, have an impact on global GDP.

Indeed, Africa must get a piece of the action.

The tale of the three billionaires in space is an indisputable game-changer for our planet, solar system and universe.

The Three Videos:

a) See below: Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic)

b) See below: Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin)


c) See below: Elon Musk (Space X)