MDC Alliance leader, Chamisa’s attempted abduction over the weekend in Marondera has triggered questions as to whether it was a stunt or is Chamisa’s life really in danger?

Playing the blame game

The blame game card has been played between the MDC Alliance and ZANU PF regarding this matter. The video of the abduction which circulated on social media suggested that “ZANU PF CIOs” wanted to attack Chamisa. According Chamisa’s people, such individuals have been pursuing him for these past months in a bid to oust him through an accident. At yesterday’s press conference the party’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume highlighted that these attempts have turned into a series. What is surprising is that the MDC Alliance has never let such incidents go unannounced; however, they have finally publicized the trail of events when Chamisa’s life was in danger during yesterday’s press conference.

Chamisa staged it all

On the other hand, the ruling party is quite popular for its use of violence including a number of abductions. Through the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa the government dismissed the matter saying Chamisa staged the whole fracas. “The government would like to categorically state that neither the intelligence services nor any security services or any arm of government own the Toyota Harrier in that video,” Mutsvangwa said.

Is he playing the victim card?

Meanwhile, the citizens are struggling in dysfunctional economy whereas leaders are busy pulling publicity stunts. If ZANU PF’s agenda is to oust Chamisa, they have failed countless times. They could be trying to get rid of him for continuously challenging the government. In the event that Chamisa staged the abduction attempt, he could be in search of relevance and play the victim both locally and on the international level.

Mafume gave reference to the 1 August shootings that killed close to ten innocent people. “On 1 August 2018 when Innocent civilians were brutally killed by soldiers in the streets of Harare, we all realized that  even innocent Zimbabweans are not safe under the so-called new dispensation.”Said Mafume.

Does the whole Zimbabwe have time for games?

What the nation needs is inclusive participation on issues of nation-building. However, such unity can only be achieved by political leaders. These two seem to be having a hard time getting along which has already began to affect the whole nation. What Zimbabwe needs is a functional economy and this needs both of the major parties to work together. This is not the time for fighting but a time of building the nation. But it seems these two parties have time for games at the expense of the citizens.