MDC Alliance leader held a presser at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House this morning to shed light on the economic situation in Zimbabwe and plans for the party.

“The unelected government is always clueless,”: Chamisa

Chamisa highlighted that he has been closely assessing the economic situation in Zimbabwe. He is convinced that the turmoil is as a result of the absence of leadership being displayed by ED and his people. He added that he is moving around the country experiencing the hardships of joining long winding queues and a shortage of basic commodities. Chamisa pinned the crisis on the unelected government. “The unelected government is always clueless,” said Chamisa.

The country is not open for business but craziness

Chamisa also blames the 5 billion expenditure by the government which was not accounted for. He likened Mnangagwa’s era to that of Mugabe which also overspent money at the expense of the nation. Chamisa went on to further attack ED’s government for borrowing money which it cannot pay back. He accused them of raising the debt of about 1 billion to 9 billion. Chamisa added that he has been receiving calls from his supporters who are asking for help because they know ED has no solution for them. He highlighted that even the investors are no longer flocking in because this country is not open for business but craziness.

Chamisa spoke against the persecution of innocent citizens such as Biti, Bvondo and the vendor who was shot last week. He mentioned that they have nothing to do with the commission of inquiry. Chamisa added that the commission that was appointed by ED was not for the nation, but to benefit the himself.

The goodness of the cholera outbreak

According to Chamisa, the cholera outbreak worked in favor of  ED and his people as they stopped his events. However, Chamisa attacked them for proceeding with conducting graduation ceremonies and other events. The MDC Alliance Leader spoke against the 2%  tax which he feels is targeting the poor. He also highlighted that there must be political dialogue not in the sense of GNU but for the country’s deliberations.

Chamisa’s 5 point plan

  • Return to legitimacy by respecting the will of God
  • An undertaking of comprehensive reforms
  • Nation building and peace building
  • A common approach to international isolation
  • Solving the economic situation

19th anniversary

Chamisa also stated that he is planning to conduct an international tour for talks. He also thinks that the bond note must be abandoned and settle for dollarization. Chamisa applauded the suspension of the RBZ directors and he added that the presiding officer must be implicated as well as the president. Chamisa notified of the media their anniversary that is going to be celebrated this weekend. He invited everyone and promised a lot of activities.With regards to the current economic situation, he promised Zimbabweans that the suffering will not be for long.

Plenary Session

 What form should the transitional authority be if it is not a GNU?

Chamisa highlighted it is going to be a creature of discussion which is inclusive. He added that he is ready to discuss with ED but he is not ready to be forced into legitimizing the illegitimate.

What agenda do you have for the reforms in line with 2023 so that you avoid pushing for reforms at the last hour?

Chamisa pointed out that the 5 point plan is one of their plans but he added that he cannot push for reforms when 2018 has unfinished business. “ED is seating on the wrong chair that is why he wants to create another wrong chair?