In a controversial tweet that triggered a lot of mixed comments, renowned pro-democracy activist, Abigale Mupambi indicated that there is a high possibility of Chamisa and the team boycotting the upcoming March by-elections as a cowardly and yet disruptive way of running away from facing the heat ahead of the March 26 by-elections which were recently proclaimed by the President ED Munangagwa,

Abigale Mupambi

Abigale Mupambi : CSCJF National Coordinator

” @MupambiAbigale l foresee Chamisa and team planning to boycott the By-elections hiding behind a finger. This is why they still cling to the MDC brand despite them knowing the consequences, the idea is to later gather some sympathy, hype the masses and cause chaos @mdczimbabwe”

Her comments triggered a hit debate on Twitter with some Twimbos suggesting that her comments were just a mere nightmare which will not come to pass whilst some took the opportunity to dig into Chamisa whom they accused of always using the “jecha ” approach to national politics and in some cases exposing his shortcomings in leadership.

Critics and some MDC loyalists took the opportunity to express their displeasure with the delay in the signal and clarity on the way forward following the declaration by Douglas Mwonzora, through a letter addressed to ZEC, that the MDC T will be using the MDC A banner ahead of the 26 March By-Elections.

Meanwhile, Chamisa is insisting on using the MDC A ticket despite clear indicators that the name is already compromised. Many MDC supporters are calling for the rebranding of the Chamisa led faction as a matter of urgency as they fear more damage ahead.

It seems Chamisa is now squeezed in between hard rock and a hard surface. Well, could the above prediction be accurate? Well, only time will tell.