Nkululeko Sibanda addressed the media at Harvest House to inform and speak against the violence and intimidation on behalf of Chamisa.

In Sibanda’s open remarks he mentioned that it is clear that Chamisa won this election. He added  that this election  failed to meet the will of the people. Sibanda stated that Zimbabweans were deprived of their rightful  president Chamisa. He also added that Chamisa is not seeking to overturn this election and that all he wants is for justice to prevail.

Sibanda also stated that Chamisa is working with his legal team and many other structures to ensure that the votes do not remain stolen.

Mdc  Alliance speak against political violence

He also highlighted that Mdc Alliance is concerned with the continous political violence in the country. Sibanda also highlighted that Mdc Alliance disturbed by the disruptions of their meeting by the police last week. He added that they are also concerned with arbitrary arrests of party members. Sibanda pointed out that this is a clear violation of human rights.

Chamisa speak against the army

Sibanda stated that citizens should have the freedom to participate in peaceful demonstrations without the interference of armed soldiers. Sibanda pointed out that Chamisa has spoken against violence and that people should have continuous rights. He added that Chamisa is concerned with the levels of impunity displayed by the army.

Sibanda pointed out that Chamisa is urging the public to fight for their rights regardless of the  circumstances.
When is the Mdc Alliance going to court challenging the election results?
Sibanda highlighted that Chamisa has come up with a team responsible for all the procedures to be taken and that he is going to issue a statement

How many people have the police captured?

Sibanda highlighted that they are not sure of the number because they have are so many people they are failing to account for. He went on to promise that they will give the list of members know who have been arrested.

Are you getting any help from the international countries in relation to the grievances?

Sibanda admitted that the only recognition Mdc Alliance is getting is that of the declared results. He added that the data published by ZEC gives glaring evidence of incoherence. Sibanda also stated that in some constituencies the results of the presidency were deflated and some inflated in Mnangagwa’s  favour. He added that most people have not seen these discrepancies that is why they are quick to discredit the Alliance’s outcry.

How many costituencies do you have discrepancies with?

Sibanda stated that  the statistics they have does not tally with that published by ZEC in many constituencies and according to them they need clarity on that and for fairness so that Chamisa emerges as the winner.

Chigumba invited you to present the V/11 forms, did you go?

Sibanda accused Chigumba of being grossly incompetent and misinformed. He added that Chigumba is the custodian of these an

Do you think you are going to win this battle or are u seeking to be heroes of tomorrow?

Sibanda stated that Chamisa does not seek to become a hero in any way he is fighting for transparency. He added that Chamisa has so many options to consider if the court case fails.

Did you collect all the adequate data against ZEC?

Sibanda highlighted that they were able to collect all the data they need although ZEC had refused to provide all the v/11 forms.HE added that if Mnanagwa was given the 21% of the constituencies, Mdc Alliance would still win.

He accused Mnangagwa of collecting all the votes from all the stations they failed to acquire V/11 forms from.

If the court challenge fails what will Chamisa do?

Sibanda highlighted that Chamisa has not put his eggs in one basket. He added that if the court case fails then they will make use of other options.