The budget airline, fastjet seems to be failing to reach its expectations as it has started overbooking people it cannot accommodate leaving most clients dissatisfied.

Having boasted in August for enhancing its services, it took the fastjet team to fall short of their own glory. Confusion seems to be the only service they seem to be doing very well at. “We had booked our flight back on Sunday only to be told it has been canceled to today,” said Mr. Henry Muchena who arrived this afternoon from South Africa. As if that was not enough the crew also accidentally left Mr. Muchena’s bag in South Africa.

When fastjet was first introduced about 3 years ago it got a positive response as people embraced it because it is a low-cost airline. For this fact, most people find it convenient however it has since started inconveniencing its customers. Sometimes it is beneficial parting away with good money knowing that you will get a good service. Sometime in June fastjet was on the verge of collapsing as it had gone down to its 3,3 million cash from 7,5 million.

This airline is normally used by people who want to catch two birds with one stone hence time is the most important factor to consider. These type of people cannot afford to lose a second of their time let alone get their flight canceled when they least expect it. As they have adopted a culture of overbooking customers, it means more flights are bound to be canceled at the expense of customers who might have other commitments in their home countries or even foreign ones.

Efforts to get hold of fastjet crew were fruitless as they did not pick up their calls. The last thing fastjet wants is losing more customers due to disappointing services and more customers may tell the next person which may turn off more people who would have wanted to adopt a fast life with fastjet.