Landlord “Chirebvu” born Norman Chiranga is working on a new drama which will be released mid-September. He got popular for his first series Landlord nemaroja now he is back with a new drama called Mbereko  3 which is being produced by boxitMEDIA.

Mbereko 3 to be out soon…

In  Mbereko 3, Chirebvu’s wife Mariah fails to get pregnant but  Chirebvu manages to impregnate the maid who will later steal from Chirebvu and his wife . The maid Portia Nota who plays the role of “Mafuta” and her boyfriend Blouse( Valentine Mutimusakwa) make Chirebvu believe they are siblings. This project has taken a twist as Chirebvu is also made a victim. This drama depicts real-life shenanigans that are experienced on a day to day basis and secrets which are kept.This is not the first time working with boxitMEDIA, they have done a number of  skits such as picture yalandlord, Bucket remvura and Bvisa bhasikoro munzira which can be found on boxitMedia’s Youtube channel. Mbereko 3  is expected to be out  mid-September. As mentioned above, Mafuta and Blouse are among the cast that Chirebvu has been working with since 2014.

Chirebvu calls upon sponsors’ contribution

“Mbereko 3 is going to be on fire, I am excited for this project because boxitMedia is doing a great job and we took our time trying to perfect this drama for our fans.” said Chirebvu. He highlighted that he cannot wait to publish Mbereko 3 and proceed to make more projects. He added that  those who have not watched part 1 and 2  of the drama will be motivated by part 3 to watch them . Chirebvu also notified that his next project is Ndozvazviri 2 which might come out in October. He also expressed his concern over piracy as it slows back progress and that they gain little from their hard work. “For as long as i am alive, i will keep delivering to my fans, despite the issue of piracy.” Chirebvu called on sponsors to jump on board so as to keep the industry ignited. “This drama will be of high quality shot in full HD, superb cinematography which will raise the local productions to international standards.” said Anesu Michael Maposa the creative director at boxitMedia and Executive Producer of Mbereko 3.