Prophet Chiwenga made a statement about how he was kidnapped during the weekend by VP Chiwenga’s people for his utterances.

VP Chiwenga felt enraged with his cousin brother’s preachings that he had to send his people to threaten him. In one of VP Chiwenga’s addresses on ZBC, he mentioned that fake prophets should put a stop to attacking “the elders”. He mentioned a name Talent Muzuva but his cousin’s name is Talent. This issue has taken a toll on the Chiwenga family as VP sent Prophet’s brother, aunts and uncles to warn him against attacking him.

Chiwenga sent the military to kidnap his brother

In addition, the Vice President sent an interrogative team to kidnap the prophet but they failed to do on the account of their brotherhood. On that note, the prophet claims that he was kidnapped by Chiwenga’s people, “I was kidnapped in my own homestead by the military men who were instructed by VP Chiwenga to do so,” said the prophet in his statement. In addition, the preacher is convinced that their brotherhood saved him, he could have been done away with. The military men ended up gathering the preacher’s personal details and that of his family.

Power Games

In other words, the vice president might have been clueless that the preacher was his blood. This is a family feud that made that clearly depicts the shenanigans undertaken by the officials whenever feel threatened. In a different scenario, a different person might have been murdered or kidnapped and tortured which is a trend that these officials mastered so well.

In conclusion, Prophet Chiwenga highlighted that he is more than prepared to die for the truth he preaches. “I am willing to die for what I say,” said Chiwenga. He seems to have no regrets on what he said about his brother. If anything he wants to be persecuted for the truth just like the Man Of God in the scriptures so the threats might have fallen on deaf ears.