Citizens’ Manifesto held a presser yesterday at Media Centre to announce their version of the cabinet which will be the voice of the Zimbabwean citizens.

Citizens’ cabinet, the voice of the people

The Deputy Convener of the cabinet, Janet Zhou highlighted that this team will be the voice of the ordinary citizens. She added that this cabinet will facilitate the engagement between relevant stakeholders and the citizens. This initiative will bring together Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, local Zimbabweans and policymakers so that they track government ministries. Briggs Bomba added that they will also come up with solutions to problems faced by the citizens.

Wages must be paid in $USD

This Citizens’ cabinet has also proposed for the RBZ to start producing weekly reports for their finance allocations. They also urged the government to start being proactive, stop politicking and focus on making lives of the ordinary citizens easier. Zhou also alluded to the fact that Zimbabweans must not suffer the same way they did in 2008 due to mismanagement. In Addition, Zhou pointed out that the government must fix the pricing mayhem that has hit Zimbabwe and make sure that salaries are paid in $USD so that they retain the value of money that the people have earned.

List of Citizens’ cabinet

Convener and international relations officer

Briggs Bomba

Deputy convener and finance and economic development

Janet  Zhou

Chief Secretary

Ashley Pfunye

Public Sector Innovation

Sakhile Sifelani

Informal Economy and SMEs Development

Michael Ndiweni

Mining and Natural Resources and Environment

Mthuso Dhliwayo


Robson Chere teacher and community leader

Public Infrastructure and Urban Development

Clever Bere

Arts Heritage Culture and Tourism

Butholezwi Nyathi

Labour and Social security

Dr. Naomi Chakanya

Lands and Agriculture Development

Dr. Walter Chambati

Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Tafadzwa Mugabe

Gender Justice

Glanis Changachirere

Youth and Sports

Misheck Gondo

Media Freedom of Expression and ICTs

Farai Samm Monro


Rutendo Bonde

Social Cohesion and National Healing

(To be announced)

Industry and Commerce

(To be announced)

 Plenary session

What does this cabinet do? Does it shadow the current cabinet?

We are what the country needs we are a voice that speaks for the citizens to the authorities. This is a space where citizens voices must be amplified not biased on political grounds to address everyday problems

What are some of the solutions you have?

Bomba pointed out there is the lack of transparency, let compel the RBZ to publish their weekly allocations so that we know who has been given how much. Our local industries may close just because they could not get foreign currency to buy raw materials when it has been taken to the parallel market

Briggs said that the government has separated local and USD accounts but they did not go further to accept that citizens already had $USD which were turned into local currency.

Why do we have only 5 women in the cabinet?

Briggs highlighted that the 2 portfolios that have not been allocated are going to be given to women and the advisory committee will also have more women.

Who is funding this cabinet?

Bomba pointed out that no one is funding the cabinet.Ashley Pfunye added that the cabinet is also driven by love for the country

When will the remaining 2 portfolios be filled?

Briggs Bomba highlighted that they will announce the remaining seats next week.

Briggs Bomba’s concluding remarks highlighted that the cabinet will be meeting weekly and sharing with the nation the discussions that would have taken place. He added that they will commit to giving the nation feedback and that the citizens will also be given a chance to air their views and solutions.