THE founding President of ZimFirst Dr Maxwell Shumba Rusike yesterday said he is the best candidate for presidency due to his convergence efforts.

He said they are building their own party via building Silent Revolution (Chimhukutira-Umtshetsha) though they are not yet willing to divulge the strategy.

By Beauty Nyuke

“Convergence efforts. Its main focus was the ability to multitask at the highest level is key to my success”, he said.

He added that strategic prioritization is a unique capacity that he used to easily and efficiently manage juggling all the things that come to his table.

“That is why I am the best candidate for the Zimbabwe Presidency, the country has a myriad of problems that require a leader with expertise to multitask.”

He said they still have the challenge of the name because another Mujuru pennant Brigadier Mutambara, continues to use their name, adding that Zimfirst is founded on the principles of Honesty, Accountability and Unity.

He said the party has a clearly defined roadmap and a strategy for 2023.

Adding that with trillions of mineral and other natural wealth Zimbabwe can be a first world country.

“I want to get it right for Zimbabwe because people are tired of poverty and false promises”, Dr Shumba added.

He said MDC Alliance accepted the party that stole their name (Zimbabwe People First) and was engaged to fix that.

“On POLAD we believe it is not properly predicated”, he said.

Dr Shumba said people are tired of getting into elections and getting the same result, tired of being lied to and living like second class citizens in their own country.

Dr Shumba is a former member of the then non-partisan National Constitutional Assembly (NCA).