The president of Zimbabwe abandoned his trip to Davos rushing home to try and fix the “crushed economy” so he says.

Soon after his abrupt announcement of the fuel increase, ED left for a 5 country tour which was meant to engage and re-engage the international community. This announcement triggered mixed feelings as some took it as a way of running from the masses’ reactions. Some attacked ED for announcing the fuel prices which is not part of his job description.

The army never kills

ED left for his tour last Monday, the day which saw a massive National Shutdown which resulted in the death of 12 and injuries of more than 200 civilians. History keeps on repeating itself, the nation is still in shock over the 1 August terror and more innocent civilians were killed this week. As always the army do not know how to kill and they are always sanctified from bloodshed. This time around the army were the victims as their uniforms, trucks and guns were stolen from them by the perpetrators who gunned down civilians.

Presidents tweets to the nation which is not on Twitter

ED was criticized for leaving the country as it was burning. He took to his twitter to inform the nation that he had abandoned his planned trip to Davos. “In light of the economic situation, I will be returning home after a highly productive week of bilateral trade and investment meetings. We will be ably represented by Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube. The first priority is to get to Zimbabwe calm, stable and working again,” tweeted the President. This tweet was supposed to address a nation, where most people have been locked out of the communication world because of the current internet shutdown. The Zimbabwean citizens showed their displeasure through a national shutdown and the government slapped them back with an internet shutdown.

ED’s tour cut short

Speculations have it that ED did not just wake up deciding to come back home because of the economic turmoil. It is believed that the international media was planning on attacking him in front of the delegates in Davos for the brutal approach towards civilians back home. Although ED’s reasons for returning seem genuine and relevant getting humiliated while seeking investments would have spoilt ED’s week of ‘fruitful’ engagement. Since the visit was productive now the nation waits for the results of this week full of productivity.