A micro-blogger, Martin Moyo has published a revelation that Amnesty International Zimbabwe sponsored MDC Alliance in the recent protests that swept Zimbabwe 2 weeks ago.

Amnesty International Zimbabwe is a part of a worldwide movement that campaigns for human rights for all. Their main agenda is to campaign for human rights and international solidarity.

“The Zimbabwean government must wake up.”

Moyo took to Twitter to highlighted that the Zimbabwean government should take note of foreign-funded NGOs who are meddling in politics. He added that these organizations have abandoned their humanitarian cause for regime change agents. “The Zimbabwe government must wake up. There is an invasion by external forces finding NGOs that are anti-government. Why not de-register the likes of Crisis Coalition. Even ZCTU must be brought to book. They are no longer a pure labor movement but a terrorist organization.” Tweeted Moyo. He is convinced that some Civil Society Organizations are being used as fronts that are funding acts of violence and destruction. He added that their ultimate goal is to topple the Zimbabwean government.

Moyo names and shames

Moyo went on to name and shame figures such as Rashid Mahiya ( Chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition), Pride Mukono(ARTUZ Leader), Gift Ostalos Siziba (Political Activist), Promise Mkwananzi (Tajamuka Leader), Mfundo Mlilo( Combined Harare Residents’ Association member) and his ‘girlfriend’ Joana Mamombe MDC Alliance Harare West MP),Thabani Moyo and MDC Alliance Councillors and Officials. According to Moyo, this crew went in hiding during the 3-day protests. Just when the country was burning some of these organizers were having a good time in South Africa’s expensive hotels and bars. “ It was reported that the likes Rashid were spotted harassing SA girls they mistook for prostitutes.” Read Moyo’s tweet.

Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International Director has been identified as the most influential in financing the activities of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. He added that it was once led by McDonald Lewanika and is now being chaired by Rashid Mahiya.

Who benefits from protests?

Martin Moyo warns the government to be careful as the recent protest could have been a foretaste of more to come. He added that these protests are no longer about empty stomachs but about empty poor pockets of career activists.