I have been following the events around Masarira regalia mantra for the past few days, it’s shocking how our people seem to major on the minors. No wonder why this nation of analysts will take ages to prosper. How many things and real attachments have been done by male opposition leaders with ZANU pf and left unchallenged. The male opposition leaders “sorry Lawyers” seems to be in a daily Stampede of defending ZANU pf thugs since time immemorial. Their betrayal in the history of the people’s struggle can never be matched to any cloth in the form of the so-called Regalia.

Why attack Masarira over a mere ‘Zambia’

For starters Ward 6 Victoria Falls Councillor Ephias Mambume was seen clad in an Ed has my vote cap and there was never a frenzy about it? Why this myopic frenzy over Zambia!!! Ooh yes, just some piece of cloth that Masarira wore at her in-laws? It is a systematic elbowing out of powerful women in politics which women in Zimbabwe should not allow. Linda Masarira has been very influential in advocating for democracy, development, gender equality and constitutionalism which has led some strong men in Zimbabwe politics to launch a social media campaign against Masarira since April last year. It is only folly to try and demonize a powerful voice of reason which speaks truth to power because some name chauvinists choose to bring Masarira down and use other women to pull her down. How many opposition political party leaders are married to ZANUPF members or daughters of ZANU-PF bigwigs? Why hasn’t there been noise about those unions?

Stop attacking women in politics for things men in politics are also guilty of…

The late MDC-T president Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai married into a ZANUPF family and married two ZANU-PF women, Lovemore Moyo is married to Sithembiso Nyoni’s daughter yet there was never a call for him to be suspended from MDC-T structures. I could go on and on about male political party leaders bedding women in ZANUPF. In short, we need to stop these attacks on women making strides in politics when male leaders do worse. Nelson Chamisa has been doing and is still doing business with Gushungo dairies since time immemorial and no one ever called out for him to be expelled from MDC Tendai Biti represents  Gideon Gono and Job Sikhala represents Walter Mzembi yet the two lawyers preach of doing justice on corrupt ZANU-PF officials. Oh, what hypocrisy!

Zim Women should support their fellow women in politics

Women of Zimbabwe should unite in fighting against systematic elbowing out of powerful women voices in politics and civil society. What is happening to Linda Masarira is not an isolated case but history repeating itself.

Not so long ago we saw Joice Mujuru being demonized and called all sorts of names because she was about to ascend in the top seat in Zanu-PF. She was accused of some useless and baseless things like witchcraft until she was pushed out of the party. We witnessed the same with the Welshman Ncube led MDC on Priscilla Misihairabwi labelling her all sorts of names until they stripped her of the Secretary General’s position which she was holding. This systematic elbowing out of powerful and influential women was used again on Jessie Majome and MDC-T President Thokozani Khupe after the death of Tsvangirai. We are not doing justice to gender issues if we keep silent and continue with these vicious attacks on trivial issues at the expense of focusing on developmental issues and building our nation.

It’s time that Zimbabweans mature politically and embrace diversity and tolerance of differing political opinions. The major problem comes when we still have people clinging on to campaigns and the campaign mood some 8 months after elections.