Former president Robert Mugabe sent Bona and husband with a congratulatory message to Mnangagwa as they failed to attend the inauguration because he and Grace are sick.

Taking back to a month ago Mugabe held a presser a day before the voting day. In his statement, Mugabe clearly stated that he would not vote for Mnangagwa because he had tormented him. Eyebrows could be raised as to why he is congratulating the newly elected president and if he is sincere or the old man is scared of losing his assets.

Mnangagwa to take 12 farms from Mugabe

Reports have it that Mnangagwa is targeting the first family on the large pieces of land they acquired during Mugabe’s tenure. The previous first family owns about 13 farms and these are over 16 000 acres. Mnangagwa is considering downsizing the farms to just one farm. The minister of Agriculture Perrence Shiri is also targeting the Mugabe’s as he has ordered an investigation of the land in their possession.

Is Mugabe safeguarding his legacy?

Knowing Bob the way he is known does he really mean his hearty message or he is trying to safeguard his possessions. The war veterans are also on Mugabe’s case as they want his name removed from the airport. The war vets suggested that it is better to put a name of the heroes. Because Mugabe’s era did not end as expected he can no longer be considered a hero even when he dies. Does this mean that Mugabe’s work that he did in the past is no longer credible and he can never be a hero?

Mnangagwa targets Mugabe and others

On the other hand, is Mugabe trying to gain his relevance in this country? Gone are the days when the majority of the country worshipped Mugabe.  Soon after the couple notified of their sickness, New Zanu Pf leader assured that the couple should not be worried about their health life because it will be catered for.

Is Zimbabwe ready for the revenge games? Right now the new dispensation should focus on building a better Zimbabwe for everyone.  Although ED is targeting many families, its almost as if it’s the Mugabes and those who benefited during the Mugabe era are the ones who are not certain of their fate.