Former cabinet minister, Savior Kasukuwere handed himself yesterday to Rhodesville police station on account of abuse of office during his term in the government.

Kasukuwere’s past is now haunting him as he is being accused of criminal abuse of office, during his tenure as a local government minister and indigenization minister. He is expected to appear in court for about 4 counts of criminal abuse of office s highlighted by his lawyer Jonatham Samkange . One of them is the unlawful grant of land worth $2 million to Grace Mugabe’s sister Shuvai Gumbochuma. Gumbochuma was also arrested for the same case but she was later released on bail.

It is necessary to hunt down criminals and let justice prevail to them, However, in Zimbabwe, it seems, those who used to dine with Mugabe are going down for the same offense “criminal abuse of office”. Of all the former government officials who have been arrested, they are always released on bail. It would not be surprising if ED gets voted out one day and the next leader might just do the same to his associates.

Kasukuwere is also believed to have awarded a tender to a company called Brain Works Capital on behalf of the government which is considered an act of corruption. After all, has been said and done, Kasukuwere was one of  G40 strong members who are believed to have contributed to thwarting ED’s rise to power. These allegations could be sincere but they can also have a lot of factors involved for Kasukuwere to be in police custody.

In Zimbabwe, the untouchable only become touchable when a certain politically influenced power is taken from them. This power can be taken by toppling the big force behind the officials.  Now that Mugabe and Grace are gone, this could precipitate the arrest of a series of bigwigs who were closely linked to the “fallen heroes”.