Bishop Magaya gave a detailed commentary on Jim Kunaka’s testimonial at the Commission of Inquiry over the weekend.

Magaya highlighted that the church hold pure confessions with high regard. He commended Kunaka for his confessions and is convinced that Jim Kunaka regrets his past.

Magaya pointed out that this Commission of Inquiry is a mockery to ED’s Ideas as he is the one who appointed the Commission. This gave reference to the fact that Charity Manyeruke is part of the team yet she hands are covered in blood. Bishop went on to urge Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government to emulate Kunaka’s courage. However Magaya did not ignore the fact that Kunaka might have taken this move because he is bitter that he was booted out of ZANU PF. Nonetheless the church is quite impressed with Kunaka.

Bishop also took this opportunity to sing his usual song that ED is no different from his predecessor, Robert Mugabe. This usually refers to the two’s violent and gruesome history. According to Bishop Magaya God is angry at ED and that his tenure is not going to be a walk in the park if he fails to address the past and repent. He added that Jim was used by God to reveal the truth.

In addition, Magaya believes that the intervention by the army and Mnangagwa during the last year’s coup was God’s plan to ouster Mugabe. Since ED is considered as the second Mugabe then his turn might not be inevitable if he continues to walk on the same path that Mugabe took during his era.

To add on, Magaya is totally convinced that The Commission of Inquiry will not give a fair judgement. “I don’t think the Commission of inquiry will bite the finger that feeds them, and if they fail to promote justice the divine intervention of God will prevail.”  Said Magaya as he addressed the press.