Noah Manyika of the Build Zimbabwe Alliance(BZA) party held a press conference to brief the media of the election outcome at Southern African Political Economy Series Trust.

Manyika highlighted that he is one of the respondents chosen by Chamisa. He added that it is not a big deal that he was one in the opposition but he still qualifies to be a respondent. Manyika pointed out that anyone who has an interest in the election out is free to participate in it.

Zimbabweans cannot afford more years of uncertainty

Manyika also said that he owed it to the Zimbabweans that they respond on their behalf. He added that ignoring the matter would mean something else. Manyika highlighted that he felt he had to stand by his convictions.He added that this is not about Chamisa, ED or ZEC but it is a matter of upholding the constitution. He also urged that it is every Zimbabwean’s responsibility to ensure fair and fair elections are achieved at any given time. Manyika pointed out that whoever wants to lead Zimbabwe must have a clean mandate.He urged that leaders must have the capability to unite the people so that he can be able to curb challenges first by the nation. Manyika highlighted that his misgivings towards this election stopped him from congratulating ED. Manyika highlighted that his response is coming from a citizen’s perspective. He expressed his displeasure for another 5 years of uncertainty in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe needs nothing but the truth

Manyika went on to ridicule Mnangagwa’s response to the petition. He describes Mnangagwa’s response as  a huge response. Manyika went on  to compare it to theirs which is only 20 paged. He suggested that the current situation does not need all the long responses. Manyika pin pointed that many fraudulent acts were committed towards the election. He highlighted that if polling stations sprouted from nowhere then there was fraud.He added that it does not need a 500 paged response to account for what are facts to Zanu Pf. Manyika stated that what Zimbabwe needs is nothing but the truth.

Manyika highlighted that in January his party was not allowed to have a rally in Zvimba after getting all the necessary paperwork.He added that Ziyambi Ziyambi had given an order that all venues in Zvimba were booked by Zanu Pf till August. Manyika stated that he was disappointed that a Minister of Justice could give such an order. He also expressed his disappointment in ZEC for failing to defend the people yet it took all the time to defend itself.He added that ZEC is a body that should defend the votes of Zimbabweans and they have clearly failed.

Whoever leads must have a clean mandate

Manyika went on to question the role of the ZEC chairperson  when she failed to constitutionally to address honest grievances of the people .Manyika pointed out that ZEC was supposed to make sure that people trust the election process. HE added that all election irregularities must be dealt with in the confines of the law.He added that Zimbabwe cannot afford a government whose intergrity is questioned. Manyika warned that the world is moving forward and that it will not wait for Zimbabwe to finally sort itself out. He urged that Zanu Pf should have been the first to have a clean mandate before rushing for investors and all their plans. Manyika added that media coverage continues to be biased at the expense real facts that other people have. Manyika highlighted that the struggle is not between “Chamisa chete chete”, “Kupfekera kwa Ed” or BIZA but the battle if for the people of Zimbabwe.

Question &  Answer Session

What is your take on Zanu Pf suggesting that Chamisa’s challenge is based on unverified figures?

Manyika highlighted that  if the court  discovers that there are more people who voted than registered then there was fraud. He added that Zanu Pf is advising Chamisa to go to court because they know the difficulties that he might come across doing that.

What  specific irregularities did you notice?

Manyika pointed out that if only one vote was stolen then  there is cause for concern. He added that there are over 30 000 suspicious  votes. He added that the scale of  irregularities is big enough to overturn the election outcome.

Manyika urged the judges in the court to  judge on the basis of the facts because they are reputation, families and intergrity is on the line.

Is it possible that the opposition was given an outdated voter’s roll where ZEC  is using an up to date voter’s roll?

Manyika stated that if ZEC  distributed the wrong voter’s roll then they have denied  the people of a true judgement.

What is the way forward  now because people seem to be confused?

Manyika highlighted that some people have monopolized even  the knowledge that should be for everyone, hence there is problem. Manyika also highlighted  that the opposition faced many problems during the nomination court as ZEC continously changed requirements which was never a problem to Zanu Pf  candidates. He also added that Zimbabwe needs to be well educated on all the processes to do with decision making. Manyika also highlighted that electoral reforms are demanded at wrong times always. He urged that now is the time to fight for electoral  reforms.

What is your assessment towards the complicity of ZEC and Zanu Pf?

Manyika kept on saying  if more people voted than those who registered then there was fraud. Manyika also urged the Diaspora  community to get engaged to fight for a better Zimbabwe.

What are you going to do to lobby for the necessary reforms?

Manyika highlighted that  people must stop looking up to  leaders to change everything. He suggested that Zimbabwe need a collective development which includes  citizens. He added that leaders must be put under checks and balances and the people need  to put pressure  on the the leaders so as to stop them from sleeping in parliament.

Manyika pointed out that this election outcome has taught him of the irregularities that need to be dealt with. He added that he is ready to work for Zimbabwe. Manyika also pointed out that we must have leaders who are accountable and who care for every Zimbabwean.