THE opposition party MDC- Alliance vowed to stand up for rural communities and protect their rights especially during the elections.

During the press conference yersterday the MDC-T spokesperson Fadzai Mahere said they are going to mobilize and penetrate in the rural areas to address the concerns of the residents.


“There is no plan for this regime to protect the rights of these people and we will do anything possible to protect them,” she said.

Mahere said the MDC Alliance set down and planed a mobilisation with their rural supporters who are being victimized by the ruling part.

Adding that the MDC supporters in Mutoko and Uzumba houses have been experiencing a lot of challenges probably for being MDC supporters.

Others’s houses were burnt and this means that MDC exists in rural areas.

She indicated that they also have local political leaders in rural areas just like the ruling part.

These local political leaders are responsible for disseminating information concerning how residents are being treated.

Mahere added that MDC Alliance is very much concerned about the welfare of children especially those who walk a long distance to and from school.

The secretary for rural mobilization Happymore Chidziva said in rural places like Uzumba and Mutoko have been receiving news from different sources that they are about to be displaced.

However the residents are saying they cannot be displaced from their own lands as they are entitled to that land.

Chidziva added that but ZANU- PF members are claiming to be the ones who freed the people of Zimbawe from the hands of enemies but this freedom seems to be on paper because citizens are crying and there is no freedom.

“We are meeting with communities right now and mobilize how we can do it but we have nothing much to do because communities are already fighting on their behalf,” he said.

Chidziva attributed the rural residents: “You have sold out our nation “watengesa ivhu redu zvakwana,”.

The MDC Alliance also called the institution like ZECC be independent and not to be influenced by ZANU- PF or having soldiers.