MDC party members were allegedly attacked by a group they identified as “Chamisa’s Vanguard” at Africa Unity Square as they demonstrated against the deterioration of Tsvangirai’s legacy.

Tsvangirai’s death left the party in shambles

The passing on of the late Morgan Tsvangirai left the party in shambles as Chamisa formed MDC Alliance and Khupe continued with MDC-T. Another group which claims to be the ‘original’ members has resurfaced claiming to fight for Tsvangirai’s legacy.

Politics has been reduced to “Kudira Jecha”

The politics in Zimbabwe has been reduced to child’splay as they all try to discredit one another. The recently popularized term ‘Kudira Jecha’ could work in describing the hostile nature between political players. Chamisa has been trying to discredit ED’s victory and make himself the deserving candidate for the presidency. However, the ‘originals’ are also after tarnishing Chamisa’s image so that they burst his bubble of becoming a president anytime soon.

“Chamisa’s Vanguard” beat up protesters at Africa Unity Square

These demonstrators laid a claim that they were gathered at Africa Unity Square and before they could even proceed to Harvest House, they had been attacked. “We have been at Africa Unity Square where people had gathered to show their concern to the nation and the world   are not okay in the MDC Alliance.” Said Edwin Dzambara, one of the victims attacked by Chamisa’s vanguard. He added that quite a number of people had come from various parts of the country to demonstrate to the leadership.

“When people gathered, a group of well-known members of Vanguard came from Harvest House and started to beat up people randomly.”Read the state paper, Herald. It is believed that a lot of people were injured and taken to the hospitals.

Chamisa likened to Robert Mugabe

The demonstrators’ plea is that Chamisa is not fit to become a State President because his violent nature will capture the army and the police. They also likened Chamisa to Robert Mugabe and called him a dictator worse than the former president.

Harare Mayor paid “Chamisa’s Vanguard”

The Harare Mayor, Herbert Gomba’s name was dragged in the mess as the demonstrators accused him of paying “Chamisa’s Vanguard.” According to the demonstrators, six people were injured and they have filed a report at Harare Central Police Station under IR No 12023.