MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe has joined in the fight against gender-based violence under the theme International day for the Elimination of Violence against women which is running from 25 November to 10 December.

MDC-T’s National Secretary for Information and Publicity, Linda Masarira has given an insight on the party’s plans towards the 16 days of Activism.

MDC-T saddened by Gweru lawyer who was murdered by her boyfriend

MDC-T is saddened by the tragic death of budding lawyer Lucy Duve who was murdered by her boyfriend last week. This is the evidence of gender-based violence and the MDC-T is urging all couples to resolve differences amicably. Although is gender-based violence, it has been noted that violence against women and girls is widespread. According to MDC-T intimate partners are the ones who most abuse their partners through psychological, marital rape, sexual violence and harassment.

Women should report cases of abuse in workplaces

In addition, the statement highlights that 1 in 3 women in Zimbabwe is a victim of rape, forced sexual acts, child sexual abuse, forced marriage or even cyber harassment. On a sad note, women feel suppressed to report such cases. They have also noted with concern the harassment of women in workplaces. “it is totally unacceptable to seek sexual favors in exchange for a job or promotion.” Read the statement. Women have been encouraged to report such cases and to and to name and shame all men with this chauvinistic behavior.

MDC-T has also managed to incorporate their manifesto as they seek to ensure and advocate for women’s rights. The party has also taken it upon itself to lobby for sexual reproductive and all rights that protect women from all forms of abuse.

MDC-T takes 16 days of Activism campaign to remote areas

The statement points out the awareness on 16 days of activism fail to reach most women in the rural areas. MDC-T will be concentrating on spreading the gospel in places such as Bulimangwe, Chikombedzi, Mbire and Chipinge. “The state should consider funding women’s full participation in civil society and women’s rights protection programs and scaling up prevention of violence,” read the statement.

MDC-T has urged the nation to take responsibility in nurturing a culture of peace and non-violence. They added that children must be taught to be peace ambassadors and that dialogue can work in resolving differences.