Multichoice South Africa has just issued a statement that they are shutting down all South African accounts being used outside of South Africa.

It’s not really a surprise because it is actually illegal to use these accounts outside South Africa particularly because consumers will then access South African channels like SABC channels. It was only difficult for Multichoice to effectively switch off such accounts, until now.

Multichoice South Africa has installed a geolocation system that can detect decoders that are receiving the signal from outside South Africa and switch them off remotely.

The statement by Multichoice South Africa specifically singled out Zimbabwe as the territory where this is happening.

Zimbabweans had gotten used to South African television channels when they were still free to air and some are still doing all they can to get them including installing South African registered accounts. It’s fairly easy for a number of Zimbabweans to do this because a lot of us have family and friends who have relocated to our neighbor down south.

Besides the SABC’s, the DSTV deal seems a bit sweeter for South Africans than for us here. It seems the difference was worth the hustle of getting an SA account. Unfortunately, the hustle ends soon.

Those using South African accounts will have to buy and install new decoders from Multichoice Zimbabwe.