Former MDC spokesperson, Gabriel Chaibva appeared before the Commission to testify that among the deceased are MDC youths who accidentally shot each other because they had no knowledge of using a gun.

Details of the August 1 shootings have taken a twist as Chaibva claimed that his informant told him a completely different new version. Chaibva testified before the Commission of Inquiry that on 1 August, 2 MDC youths who had never used a gun accidentally shot each other.

2 MDC Alliance shot each other on 1 August

“My informant told me that they saw some MDC Alliance youths with a pistol and they were trying to use it and accidentally shot each other.” He added that these could have been 2 bodies that were dumped at Parienyatwa hospital. According to Chaibva, these two could have shot each other while playing with the gun.

The pistol belonged to a businessman

The investigations have now taken an interesting twist. Who could possibly have had time to play around with a gun on such a day? The pistol in question is believed to have been taken from a businessman who discharged it in defense against the violent youths.

In addition, Chaibva highlighted that they failed to establish if anyone died from the discharge of the gun. “But it may be possible that some bodies were killed as a result of that discharge,” said Chaibva.

According to Chaibva, the killings were part of MDC Alliance’s agenda and that it happened exactly as they had planned it. Chaibva added that MDC Alliance youths were given “hot stuff” to smoke which could have triggered the violence.

MDC Alliance hired Kenyans to help with the demonstrations

“They wanted nothing short of dead bodies to push their agenda. Chaibva is convinced that all this was done to achieve a GNU which saw them hiring Kenyans who were part of the protesters. The Kenyans also experienced violent elections and they managed to pull of a GNU so according to Chaibva, MDC Alliance wanted to do it the Kenyan way but they failed. They had a clearly defined agenda to discredit the new government and for Americans to keep interfering.” Added Chaibva.

Chaibva defends the army

Chaibva vehemently defended the army saying the discharge of guns by the military did not kill anyone. “ I saw the kneeling soldier with my own eyes. After the alleged shooting towards protesters, I checked the area and did not see any dead bodies.” He went on to emphasize that MDC Alliance is a violent party and their army must not be underestimated.

Chaibva’s testimony came in to reinforce the claim that the army’s hands are totally clean. Most testimonies seem to be pointing fingers at the MDC Alliance. However, the evidence of soldiers shooting people is there but the security leaders seem to be pinning the opposition without evidence.