Remnant church leader, Prophet Mugadza and members of the civil society convened at Media Center to address the media on the current struggles in Zimbabwe.

Abigail Mupambi, leader of #this constitution highlighted that Zimbabweans are wasting time in fighting wars with politicians who seem to be ignorant of the people’s cries. She added that some of the struggles being faced include cash shortages, cholera, and dilapidated roads. She clearly stated that citizens must be careful on the struggles they choose to fight and always weigh if these battles are worth fighting. She added that if Zimbabwean does no play it safe, they will die for battles which do not belong to them.

Another member of #this constitution movement member, Irvine Takavarasha brought forward the topic for the presser which was “Reclaiming the people’s struggle beyond the political curtain”. Takavarasha pointed out that Zimbabweans must leave politics behind and unite and focus on development. He added that the fight between Zanu Pf and MDC- Alliance is suffocating the masses and will only increase the plight of the people. The Church and CSOs went on to challenge politicians to commit to common struggle, come up with lasting solutions to all the problems, solve liquidity crisis, poor health systems, price hikes and to abandon political selfish motives. Takavarasha further stated that people do not eat politics and that challenges affect everyone despite political affiliation.

The remnant prophet highlighted that the church and  CS0s  have united because they are concerned with the underdevelopment caused by political and economic decay. The unwillingness of political leaders to confront the national crisis and politician disregarding the constitution.  Mugadza went on to urge Zimbabweans never to allow politicians to continue holding them at ransom. Mugadza added that the people must always remember that no politician is worth dying for.

Plenary Session

Which churches and organizations are involved in the initiative?

Bulawayo Youth Arise

Community Water Alliance

Community Solutions Act

Concerned Citizens Agenda

Combined Restitution Association for Zimbabwe Youths

Convergence of All Students Union

Friends of Shabane Mines

Just International Women Masvingo Youths In Action.