I AM shocked by the depths of political illiteracy shown by some Zimbabweans. The way that most people especially from the opposition major in trivial issues leave a lot to be desired and one wondering whether such politically illiterate citizens are supposed to vote or not. Our politics have produced a polarised society full of intolerant citizens who breathe hate speech and insults. We must work very hard to undo this self destruct and poisonous culture.

By Linda T Masarira

Few days ago I found myself in an African home, my new home to be precise. My husband took me there to meet my new found family. It is common that in the rural areas where ZANU PF dominates you will obviously find Zanu PF regalia. The families there are not as polarized as we are in the towns were could possibly be stoned to death for wearing another political party regalia.

I found myself in a situation that I had to embrace the diversity of my hubby’s people who have also become my people. I found it an opportunity to bond with my mother in law and aunts. It never was an offence to put on my Aunt’s regalia. As in soccer where teams in competition when the match is over, despite their rivalry do a jersey swap. Eden Hazard exchanging a jersey with Rashford, is an act of many words to football lovers. Wearing my in-laws regalia was an acceptance of their diversity and a testimony that I had become their daughter unconditionally. They needed not be MDCT or any other opposition. I accept them as they are.

With me that was a token in our culture that became an expression of my pride for my people. African homes should not be destroyed by the toxicity of urban politics of intolerance. It should never surprise the politically mature and level headed that it is not a sin to integrate amongst ourselves. Politics comes second to our families and on arrival they are not to divide us. So the legend Morgan Tsvangirai saw no offence in marrying someone from ZANU PF.

Now if a whole former prime minister and president of the MDC found nothing uncultural, unconstitutional and unnatural in sharing the same blankets with a Zanu PF member or daughter of ZANU PF parents, why should I be judged by the politically illiterate opposition bootlickers! It is a trivial thing that only those not informed major on. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minded social media activists discuss people.

As we move towards 2023, seeing we are already almost a year from last elections, where unfortunately our erstwhile cdes to the MDCT the party I am proudly National Spokesperson have chosen to remain in elections mood forever, we must demonstrate to our fellow citizens, relatives and friends in every society be it urban or rural, a culture of tolerance, acceptance of our diversity.

It is imperative, therefore, that we engage in conversations that show demonstrable maturity and focus on developmental issues. It must be taboo that we get offended by a mere T Shirt. We must tell our people to channel their energy on proffering solutions to our challenges to rise from this quagmire. Its high time political parties followers understood that we are not enemies of each other but institutions of different political ideologies all aimed at building our great country. As such we must discourage a language dominated by a vocabulary of hate speech, insults and political violence. Our language should be of peace, love and harmony. True leaders need that as a foundation and revolutionaries make that the a purpose to their visions. We have more that unites us than what divides us.