What is #PolitiksRUs

#PolitiksRUs is a Zimbabwean platform that delves into the political arena that is controlled by the political powers but has an impact on the general populace. It also seeks to interrogate the reasons why politicians behave the way they do and how their actions have an impact on Zimbabwe at large. Politicians cannot be politicians without the support of the citizens hence Pamushana News # PolitiksRUs investigates the relationship that exists between political players and the people that they lead.

# PolitiksRUs is proud to dig out the information with a non-partisan approach which gives fair play to whoever regardless of their political affiliation. Pamushana News also makes it a mandate to break gender barriers as it pays attention to both female and male political leaders in Zimbabwe. Pamushana News also strives to let the leaders and citizens be heard at the same time on issues that affect them, it also plays a role of reminding both the important stakeholders of the promises they would have made when they felt the need to.

#PolitiksRUs is also a Zimbabwean platform that bridges the gap between the young and the elderly who keep the political playground vibrant. It also acknowledges the contribution of the church in the political arena as they are not exempt as they are still citizens whose rights and voices should be heard. Pamushana News also seeks to remind the general populace of the importance of politics as it part of the everyday life of everyone.

Pamushana News also seeks to provide the citizens with up-to-minute political activities that the country needs to know about. It also commits to the provision of raw political news that seeks to ensure the real people who hide behind political power. #PolitiksRUs also makes an effort to dig deep into what politicians sell to their supporters, interrogate whether they have the capability to deliver or it all ends in the enticing speeches