ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Pupurai Togarepi addressed journalists from various media houses and members of ZANU PF affiliate organizations on the bomb attack at ZANU PF Headquarters.

By Rumbidzai Nyabako

In his opening remarks, the youth leader expressed his sincere regret towards the lives lost due to the bomb attack that took place at ZANU PF rally at White City Stadium over the weekend.
Togarepi raised the following questions:
• Who is behind the terrorist attack on the President and ZANU PF Leadership?
• Why the attack on freedom and disturbing the peace?
• Who is behind the attack on Zimbabwe and its people?
• The consequences of such an attack?

Togarepi expressed his great concern towards this heinous act. He highlighted that the Zimbabweans should stand in unison with President Mnangagwa against attacks on freedom and should demand peace. He went on to say that the unity shown in November 2017 should be a benchmark against terror threats and attacks.

Togarepi encouraged all members of all political, social and religious groups to demand a stop against the gruesome terror attacks on Zimbabwe’s Speace. He further explained that whilst the President was preaching the gospel of peace some people saw it fit to disturb the peace at the expense of many.

The youth leader called upon all youth in Zimbabwe to be vigilant and encouraged members to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. He vowed to handle security matters differently within the party as the political terrain had changed due to the terror attacks over the weekend. He went on to pledge ZANU PF youth will offer themselves as human shields to the ZANU PF leadership when under attack.

Togarepi urged Zimbabweans to use social media responsibly during this difficult time as it may affect the families and relatives of the injured.
During the plenary session, Togarepi was asked if the security provided by members of the security forces was not sufficient Togarepi acknowledged that security services were very capable in discharging their duties and they will aid their efforts.

Daily News’s Andrew Neshamba asked Togarepi to explain what he meant by saying they will defend themselves to which he answered that as citizens of Zimbabwe it is our duty to live in peace and peace will prevail. As to whether they were any suspects Togarepi highlighted the security services were dealing with the matter. He went on to also pinpoint that this was not political violence but rather a terrorist attack and everyone was vulnerable.

Togarepi dismissed the attack to be an inside job or from members of the disgruntled and infamous G40. He went on to highlight that there was going to be an all-inclusive peace march in the near future.