The AFM church delimma have been around for over a decade now and ropping in Tawanda Nyambirai, the business mogul. They started as a well protected secret but have since spilled into the courts and hence the public domain.

Many have questioned the integrity of the church as a spiritual haven for the weary when the church itself has taken to exhausting it’s people in spirit and morale. The AFM church has been behaving more like a political outfit. The modus operandi of some leaders squabbling for leadership are reminiscent of political grand standing yet church values should be underpinned on the dictates of unmoved principle. Now, following new revelations this publication has received substantiated reports connecting the Opposition MDC and this pentecostal movement in Zimbabwe for a long time now.

By Staff Reporter

Details emerging are that sometime during the term of Reverand Aspher Madziire as AFM president , The opposition hatched a plan to capture or infiltrate the AFM church which ever was viable at the time. This was facilitated by Tawanda Nyambirai who appeared to the AFM as the biggest blesser offering big money despite him not having any clear position in the church hierarchy.

The AFM President then ,Rev Aspher Madziire was trapped into getting overwhelming loans through Tawanda Nyambirai’s bank, TN Bank. Technically he could not pay them back rendering Madziire and the entire AFM church vulnerable to the dictates of the funders.

That was end of the game for the AFM. The hidden hand of the very funders started to remote control the Church . They strategically positioned Nelson Chamisa , the MDC opposition politician ,as a pastor within the AFM to familiarize with the internal systems. When President Madziire’s term of office as President was about to end, he and his handlers hatched a plan to alter the constitution such that only those who would buy into the funders deal would lead the AFM to protect their hidden interests.

Rev Madziire started engaging the AFM leadership one by one to endorse the unpopular new constitution . Top leadeship of AFM Church including Rev Cossam Chiyangwa, Rev Amon Madawo and Dr Murefu among others rejected the move then and questioned the motive and the agenda behind all this

Realizing that the leaders were not prepared to buy into the conspiracy and were questioning the agenda, the cartel went back to the drawing board and called all key leaders and offered them 1 million US dollars should they agree to adopt the new order ,and to convince the AFM church membership. Pastors were also lined up to benefit from this money.

The whole idea was to keep this biggest pentecostal Church in Zimbabwe under the control of some funded political faction within the church as a political resource which could be bank rolled during election time should they successfully centralize and capture the church..

Take note: The implications of the AFM constitutional changes made are that all AFM members and pastors will now be controlled by a few from the top. Decisions and directives will literally come from the Presidency, and all pastors are turned into employees of the church reporting to a centralized administration. Does that not sound like a capture??.

Well , moving forward, Rev Chiyangwa and others rejected the offer and stood their ground whilst Rev Madawo , Rev Murefu and others fell for the deal after the one million dollars offer. This is why Rev Madawo is now the President of that Faction.

AFM got divided along those lines. Rev Chiyangwa and team did not rest, they procceeded to defend their principled position before the courts, and visibly the Madziire ,Madawo crew continued to feel the heat . To make matters worse, their political handlers had just suffered a blow in other quarters after Chamisa lost the MDC political battle to Douglas Mwonzora through the courts. As a result they were not prepared to loose another battle before the courts and they thought of coming up with the Judiciary Capture strategy!!

This was also backed by the MDC western funders through some political figures, Tawanda Nyambirai on the pentecostal movement front. They then funded the Judiciary capture program whose strategic intension was

1.Assist Chamisa to win back the MDC name and property.
2.To make sure Madziire, Madawo camp win the AFM church name and property in the battle which was already before the courts.

That being the case,the AFM Chiyangwa faction lost the case under unclear circumstances and true to the strategy all church properties were immediately handed over to Madawo and crew.

As things stand there is reasonable information confirming that the AFM church battle has two major fronts.The religious and Political Front. To the Chiyangwa faction the battle is more of a religious battle , To the
Madawo camp it is a political grandstanding controlled by the external forces hence the two can never agree.

Overally, there are interesting issues to ponder

*The strategically set relationship of Chamisa and the AFM back dating to 2015 .

*The coming in and endorsement of Tawanda Nyambirai by Madziire to sit in the Apostolic Council (Highest Decision Making Board of AFM) when he is not even a church member, deacon or pastor as demanded by the church constitution.

*The hidden interest of Nyambirai and Madziire in changing the AFM constitution without membership.

*The Parading of Chamisa on all Church conferences by the then President Madziire despite him being very junior in AFM structures.

*The sudden change of position by Madawo and Murefu after the USD $1 Million Offer by Nyambirai.

* The motivation of supreme court judges in declaring the Madawo camp the winners without hearing the other side.

NB* Videos and Audios exposing this rot are now in the public domain.
Eg.Video of Tawanda Nyambirai offering leaders USD$1 000 000 to sign up for the dirty deals.

Questions Arise!!! Whose Money was that? What agenda was carried along with that Money?

If pastors could be offered $1 million to share, what about the Judiciary ? Food for thought!

It is now clear that the general congregation and even some pastors of the church AFM were hoodwinked into a much deeper plot and became part of a sinister intent against church and state unknowingly.