A Masvingo man has been arraigned before the Harare Magistrate court for accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa of bedding Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa – the wife of his former advisor Chris Mutsvangwa.

Tinashe Jonasi was remanded in custody to tomorrow for ruling on his application for refusal of placement on remand.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa charged with undermining the authority of the president.

Prosecutor Moses Mapanga alleged that sometime in 2018 Jonasi, who is president of newly formed political party Ideal Zimbabwe, was invited for an interview on South Africam television station Afro Worldview on DSTV channel 405.

It is the state’s case that during the interview Jonasi insulted Mnangagwa by alleging that he “rigged” Chris Mutsvangwa’s bedroom and had also killed thousands.

“If he can sleep with, I mean if he can cheat with his advisor’s (wife). Mnangagwa can have a child with his advisor’s wife… Monica Mutsvangwa… Mnangagwa is bankrolling his girlfriend who is the wife of his advisor. If you can rig the bedroom of your advisor what kind of a monster and bastard is Mnangagwa.”

Jonasi is accused of further saying he was giving Mnangagwa and his “bleaching” vice president Constatino Chiwenga six months “to resign peacefully”.

“Otherwise I will face you in the sea and in the mountains in a way that you will regret.”

The state said they were ready to produce the transcript of the DSTV show in court.

Lumumba living large off state loot says Jonasi

Tinashe Jonasi is also in the dock for accusing William Mutamanje also known as Acie Lumumba of living large off state funds and bragging about it.

“I would like to warn Acie Lumumba who happened to have access to steal our money,” Jonasi is alleged to have said in the televised interview that appeared on DSTV channel 405.

“The issue of grandstanding” and behaving “like the pop star of Zimbabwe…We will clip off your wings very soon.”