#Truth2Power is a platform that seeks to expose the truth of matters that the citizens need to know. It also challenges the actions of controversial politicians. It gives the citizens the voice to speak out and speak against certain ills of the political leaders. Other political players have also been given a voice a chance to critique fellow players on their actions and decisions that cost the nation.
#Truth2Power is also a forum that gives even the religious leaders power to criticize the political system. They are given the power to stand for the citizens who may be victims imposed decisions. Because many times political leaders focus on engagements with their political supporters and forget the rest of the nation. #Truth2Power comes in as a channel that facilitates the single way of engagement, although leaders might fail to deliver they would have heard.
#Truth2Power only focuses on bringing nothing but the truth to the people of Zimbabwe. Some incidents that concern and cost the nation are done privately, so #Truth2Power brings it out in the open for the public to know. It facilitates the denunciation of unjust practices in Zimbabwe. Absurd practices are normalized and citizens cry everyday hence the people need the forum to voice out their concerns.
#Truth2Power also seeks to have answers to the unanswered questions. Some questions are never answered or controversial responses may be given but the main objective is to let minds be spoken. For any situation to be solved there must be a dialogue that has to be some engagements from all stakeholders involved. These stakeholders may include leaders and the led because the two parties co-exist and decisions made by the leaders always an impact on the led.
So #Truth2Power is a platform on Pamushana News that survives on bringing the truth to the citizens regardless of who and where it happens.