Zanu PF youths gathered to address the purge that happened in Harare yesterday.

Chairman Gomwe alludes that this is a result of Chamisa’s continuous Incites. He added that some of the Zanu Pf contenders have lost but they have not taken to the streets. Gomwe highlighted that they will not retaliate, Gomwe spoke against the violence that took place yesterday.

He went on to urge Zanu Pf supporters to keep their peace. Most importantly, Gomwe  added that victory of these elections is not measured by the province of Harare but by all the ten provinces in Zimbabwe. Gomwe called upon the police to arrest Biti and the rest of the supporters who incited violence yesterday.
He praised the army for suppressing the violence yesterday. He added that they will wait for the formal announcement and celebrate for the victory of Mnangagwa.

Zanu Pf was provoked by MDC Alliance yesterday, are you not going to retaliate?
Chirawu highlighted that they will remain peaceful because there is no need for violence when they have won this election.