Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporations’ information and communication and engineering managers have been sent home after the last Sunday news bulletin was delayed by 30 minutes due to a technical glitch.

Suspended due to a technical glitch

Tsamba and Moses Charedzera are the two managers who got booted out. The staff has pinned the fault on them because they had been warned before about the public broadcaster’s embarrassing glitches.

ZBC sources revealed that the broadcaster’s Midlands Bureau Chief, Jacqueline Gwemende has replaced Charedzera. On that note, Merit Munzwembiri has gone back to her position of News Editor from acting head news and Current Affairs.

ZBC undergoes changes

ZBC is trying its best to clear out all the dirty patches. The suspension of these two has followed the suspension of the Director of News and Current Affairs who got booted out. This Director got suspended for embezzling funds a few years ago. The sweeping changes have also affected National FM which has seen, Isaac Munzawabaya becoming Head Radio Services. Tapiwa Mudzamba has also become the acting Head Radio and Television Studios. In addition, Albert Chekayi who was acting Head Radio Services and is now the acting Head News and Current Affairs. According to the Director Human Resources, Benania Shumba these new appointments are meant to improve efficiency and departmental outputs.

Government to license about 6 new TV stations

ZBC is working under pressure since the announcement by government that the will license at least 6 new television stations in the next 3 months.

Is ZBC CEO abusing funds too?

However, ZBC has been a home of corruption, nepotism and disregard of rule. The Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Mavhura is believed to have taken up to US$300 000 and claimed that the money was for renovations. It is also believed that most cars do not function yet the board approved  money for the purchase of vehicles and maintenance of existing ones. However, the mechanics spent the day sitting and playing draft as they were not given the money allocated to them. Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa visited ZBC premises and Mavhura gave misrepresented facts. ZBC has a lot of work to do before they start eyeing government recognition in relation to the new television stations that are about to be introduced.