ZCTU  president, Peter Mutasa had stated that their organization is exempt from POSA its statutes and that they got cleared although they had written to the police for formalities, however, the very same police have stopped the demonstration due to the “cholera outbreak”.

In a presser at Media Center earlier today, Mutasa emphasized on demonstrations are catered for in the constitution. As always the police never run out of excuses to stop most demonstrations. Cholera has left a mark has it has been as an excuse to stop demonstrations and gatherings.

This unexpected turn down has left many questions as to whether the POSA statues no longer work on ZCTU or maybe it was a wrong timing. Mutasa sounded confident and convinced that this demonstration would become a success. “We have written to the police out of courtesy,” said Mutasa so perhaps Mutasa announced the go-ahead too early without putting into consideration the unpredictable nature of the police.