Members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces yesterday vehemently denied that they shot the ‘6’ people that died on 1 August before the Commission of Inquiry.

No one is ready to take the responsibility

The Commission of inquiry was put in place to try and unravel the truth as to who shot the innocent civilians. This came after there was a mystery over under whose orders the army was operating on. The majority of the people argued that the army could not have randomly decided to parade the streets and attack civilians using live ammunition.

ZDF boss denies that the army shot people

ZDF Commander, General Phillip Valerio Sibanda testified that the army was under clear instructions not to open fire against the civilians. “First, as soldiers, we operate on orders and the orders given on that day were clear…you don’t open fire on the rioters,” said Sibanda. He also emphasized that it would have been foolish of them to give orders to the troops to open fire on the civilians.

They only gave warning shots

On that note, General Sibanda also defended the soldier whom many testified against that he shot the civilians. The evidence of this one soldier is all over social media and some citizens went out of their way to identify by his name. This soldier was never implicated even after his full details were availed to the police. The general went as far as justifying the soldier’s kneeling position. ‘The troops were given orders to advance and not take kneeling positions.” Said General Sibanda. However that particular soldier was captured shooting a civilian in a kneeling position. Sibanda protected the young man saying he must have been warning the rioters but he did not shoot anyone.

The army did not  shoot anyone, then who did it?

The appointment of the Commission of  Inquiry by ED was meant to clear the air on the 1 August blood purge. The testimonial by the army boss made the situation worse as it nullified all the accusations against the army. The perpetrators might lie and get away with it, however, families of the deceased will never have peace and closure because no one is brave enough to take the responsibility.