Fadzai Mahere’s election manager took to his facebook live stream to bash Zimbabweans who are behaving just like the government.

Musasiwa spoke against the Zimbabwean government that spends money on luxurious cars at the expense of the nation. Musasiwa did not only attack the government, but he also attacked the nation who spends $30 million on DSTV subscriptions. He added that he Zimbabweans are so used to embracing the international market when they are doing nothing about the production in their own country.

Zimbabweans should stop complaining and start producing

Musasiwa bashed the Zimbabwean leaders who lack vision and do not inspire people to be constructive. He added that the Tajamuka crew called upon the nation for a national shut down which brings nothing but only causes a stir in the country. Musasiwa went on to urge Zimbabweans to start investing their ideas and time on things that will bear fruits later. He also questioned why Zimbabweans always complain about the prices of goods when they have never thought of producing that same product. “We spent time trying to build a twitter following typing God is in it but you do not go out and vote,” said Musasiwa. He emphasized the point that Zimbabweans always love to complain when they are not at the forefront of making decisions in the nation.

Lets produce our own Games of Thrones

Musasiwa a commented on the failure to produce Zimbabwean television products. “We always want to watch Games of Thrones but we do not want to produce our own Game of Thrones,” uttered Musasiwa. He added that Zimbabweans embrace the international stories when they have their own stories that go untold. He also highlighted Zimbabweans have enough cameras and they should stop filming prophets but start filming their own versions of stories.

Musasiwa mentioned that some politicians grabbed vast tracks of land which they are not utilizing at all which used to be extremely productive. He went on to urge Zimbabweans to stop complaining and start producing.